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Topic Resource
Fill out the FAFSA www.fafsa.gov
Basic FAFSA info: what is it and how do you fill it out: StudentAid.gov/fafsa
Dependency status for FAFSA purposes StudentAid.gov/dependency
Determining which parent’s info to report on the FAFSA StudentAid.gov/fafsa-parent
How aid is calculated (including link to detailed SAI info) StudentAid.gov/how-calculated

Types of Aid/Getting Aid

Topic Resource
Types of financial aid StudentAid.gov/types
Who can get federal student aid StudentAid.gov/eligibility
Pell Lifetime Eligibility used StudentAid.gov/pell-limit
Finding and applying for scholarships StudentAid.gov/scholarships
Loan interest rates and fees StudentAid.gov/interest
Aid for military families StudentAid.gov/military
Avoiding financial aid scams StudentAid.gov/scams

Student Account Access

Topic Resource
My Federal Student Aid (log in to see grant and loan records) StudentAid.gov/login

Repaying Loans

Topic Resource
Loan repayment StudentAid.gov/repay
Repayment Estimator (helps you compare repayment plans) StudentAid.gov/repayment-estimator
Income-driven repayment plans (e.g., Pay as you earn plan) StudentAid.gov/idr
Loan forgiveness in general StudentAid.gov/forgiveness
Loan forgiveness for teachers StudentAid.gov/teach-forgive

Special Audiences

Topic Resource
Info for parents (tax benefits, support your child, college costs) StudentAid.gov/parent
Going to college in another country StudentAid.gov/international

Publication, videos, Infographics

Topic Resource
Fact sheets, infographics, brochures, videos on all topics StudentAid.gov/resources
Federal Student Aid YouTube channel www.youtube.com/user/FederalStudentAid
Federal Student Aid Facebook page www.Facebook.com/FederalStudentAid

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